The Pure Apnea Family

Pure Apnea is an international freediving organisation committed to developing freediving as a sport and as a recreational activity. Pure Apnea ratifies freediving records set under its own rules and regulations and offers a modern, progressive freediving education system focused on high standards and safety. Pure Apnea aims to inspire, educate and support newcomers to freediving, experienced freedivers, instructors and competitive athletes alike.


Pure Apnea was established in June 2012 at a time when it became clear that a freediving organisation with a standards-before-profits philosophy was greatly needed. The name ‘Pure Apnea’ was chosen – perfect for an organisation whose members are devoted to freediving!

Quality & Standards

Pure Apnea provides the highest quality freediving education and standards. Ensuring that our students receive the best instruction starts by demanding the highest levels of freediving ability from our instructors. Our Master Instructor qualification requires a 60m freedive from candidates; the highest industry standard! Our training materials are modern, logically structured and are free of marketing and advertising messages. Pure Apnea courses are monitored globally to ensure consistency and quality.


The Pure Apnea head office is situated in Cape Town, South Africa with numerous international branches around the world. Pure Apnea has adopted a non-regional branch system which promotes the growth of the organisation and freediving in general. Pure Apnea branches act as intermediaries between Pure Apnea and the students and instructors who fall under those branches. Pure Apnea branches are non-regional and more than one branch can exist in a single country or town.

An instructor, who is trained and certified by a particular Pure Apnea branch, falls under that branch. A portion of the certification fees generated by instructors is paid to their respective branches.

Branch certification fees are used to:
– run competitions
– pay for the branch’s contributions to the Pure Apnea education and competition systems
– offer more affordable Instructor Qualification Courses (IQC)

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