Celebrating Pure Apnea’s 10 Year Anniversary


This month marks Pure Apnea’s historic 10 year anniversary. In June 2012, Pure Apnea was established by passionate freedivers who shared the founding objective of providing the highest quality freediving education to those who want to learn how to freedive. Over the last decade our organisation has grown, developed and innovated. We are not led by a world champion freediver, but our members around the world are all champions of freediving.

For a niche organisation focused on high standards we have achieved a lot, but our greatest accomplishment has been to grow our team of top-notch freediving instructors and they in turn have provided excellent instruction to their students. For our 10 year anniversary we are going to celebrate our instructors. We will be publishing interviews with them throughout the rest of 2022 so that they can share their passion for freediving with us and we can recognise their contributions. Our first interview is with Nicholas Kouvaras who is one of the quiet legends of freediving. You can read that interview by clicking here.

We thank you for your support. Every one of you plays an important role in the development of our organisation and freediving.

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