The Ultimate Freediving Courses

Offering the best freediving courses starts by having the best instructors in the world. Pure Apnea has the highest instructor qualification requirements of all the international freediving organizations. Instructor candidates need to perform two 40m freedives and our Master Instructor candidates need to reach between 50-60m! With the highest instructor standards, our students are guaranteed the best freediving instruction in the world from real freediving professionals.

Discover Freediving

Discover Freediving

This 1-day entry level course is perfect for those who are interested in learning breath hold basics . The 2- day entry level Sport & Recreational courses incorporate these skills. Therefore on successful completion you may enter the other entry level courses mid-way.

Sports Courses

Sport Freediving

Our Sport education system follows the traditional freediving course format which focuses on competition freediving disciplines. You will increase your static apnea times, extend your distances in the pool and reach new depths freediving on a dive line. The 2-day, Level 1 Freediver course is where you start…

Recreational Courses

Recreational Freediving

Pure Apnea is the only certifying body that offers a fully recreational freediving education system from beginner to instructor. If freediving on a tropical reef with dolphins interests you more than pushing your limits in a pool or on a dive line then the Adventure Freediver courses are perfect for you! The 2-day Adventure Freediver I course is where you start…

Sports Freediving Courses

Level 1 Freediver

This is a 2-day foundation course that covers the basics of freediving. It includes: breathing, relaxation, physiology, equipment, equalization, freediving technique and safety.

L2 Advanced Freediver

This advanced freediving course is designed to equip freedivers with the knowledge and skills to become proficient freedivers. Students will learn to become energy efficient; to prepare their bodies for pressure; to train on land and in the water; to perform advanced equalization techniques; to organize and run training session; and to do it all safely!

L3 Master Freediver

The Master Freediver course is essential for those who want to freedive deep, who want to freedive competitively or who would like to continue progressing towards Instructor level. In this course the emphasis is placed on freediving beyond failure depth, equalizing using the Mouthfill technique, stretching and training techniques that will prepare your body for depth and pressure, learning the physics of deep freediving and deep freediving safety.

Sport Freediving Instructor

This course is aimed at Master Freedivers who would like to become freediving professionals and teach others how to freedive. On successfully completing the course, instructors are certified to teach the Discover Freediving, Level 1 Freediver and Level 2 Advanced Freediver courses.

Freediving Master Instructor

The Master Instructor qualification allows instructors to additionally teach the Level 3 Master Freediver course. This is the most challenging qualification amongst all the freediving education systems and organizations as it requires instructor candidates to teach and perform deep freediving skills. This includes a mandatory qualifying freedive between 50m to 60m.

Freediving Master Instructor Trainer

Having gained invaluable experience teaching the Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses, Master Instructors can progress to the Master Instructor Trainer level which will allow them to expand and pass on their teaching knowledge to new Pure Apnea Instructors and Master Instructors.

I HIGHLY recommend this course if you’ve ever had an inkling to free dive, spearfish, or just to be able to explore the ocean and its inhabitants unaided as it truly is a remarkable, primordial experience.
Tom Hill

I took my Pure Apnea Level 1 course with John in November 2014. John was the consummate professional and impressed me with his depth of knowledge.
Yix Ng

It was a great experience and I learned a lot with Andrew and Florent in Moalboal, great teaching and spirit ! I look forward to doing the level 3 … meanwhile starting to work my CO2 tables…less fun but I’m hooked 🙂
Guillaume Bihet

Recreational Freediving & Specialities

Adventure Freediver I

This is a 2-day freediving course that covers the basics of safe recreational freediving. This course will allow you and your buddy to freedive on reefs and interact with marine animals like dolphins, sharks and turtles. It includes: breathing, relaxation, physiology, equipment, equalization, open water freediving techniques and recreational freediving safety procedures.

Adventure Freediver II

This advanced recreational freediving course focuses on the refinement of skills and techniques that will allow you to safely reach the same depths as open water scuba divers. Students will learn to become efficient with each movement of a freedive and to extend their bottom time at depths between 15-20m.

Adventure Freediver Instructor

This is open to advanced recreational freedivers who would like to become freediving professionals and teach others how to freedive safely. On successfully completing the course, instructors are certified to teach Discover Freediving, Adventure Freediver I, Adventure Freediver II and may add on certain speciality courses.

Adventure Freediver Instructor Trainer

Adventure Freediver Instructors who have gained adequate teaching experience and completed a 40m freedive may progress to the Instructor Trainer level. They can then train and certify new Adventure Freediver Instructors.

Pure Apnea Judge

The Pure Apnea Judge course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to perform judging duties at Pure Apnea competitive events. The course covers the Pure Apnea rules and regulations, the equipment and preparations needed to run an event, and judging practice. Candidates must pass a practical and theory exam to become a certified Judge.

Surf Apnea

This is a breath-hold course specifically designed for surfers and water users who encounter big surf conditions and are forced to hold their breath. This course focuses on breathing and breath-hold techniques, physiology and safety all of which are tailored to surf conditions.

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