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Are you a highly knowledgeable and skilled freediver who wants to share this amazing activity with others? A Pure Apnea certified Instructor Course will equip you with the fundamental teaching skills needed to become a successful freediving instructor and realise your dream.

Pure Apnea offers certified instructor courses with the highest international standards for both sport and adventure freediving enthusiasts. On your journey to acquiring a professional teaching certification, you will learn the latest teaching methodologies, instructional techniques, lesson planning, presentation skills, training aid use and skill assessment and evaluation techniques.

Our Pure Apnea instructor trainers are highly experienced instructors who have participated in freediving events and competitions and have run successful freediving businesses. These elite professionals will help you master the art of teaching freediving.

Once qualified you will be able to confidently run Pure Apnea freediving courses and provide your students with internationally recognised qualifications.

Freediving Instructor

Joining Pure Apnea as a professional freediving instructor will provide you with access to the latest science-based curriculum and course materials, student manuals, on-boarding materials and supplementary e-learning platforms. This will allow you to share your passion for freediving with others by teaching them to freedive safely. You will also be able to find employment at established freediving centers or start your own freediving school. For some it is the reward and validation of reaching the pinnacle of the Pure Apnea freediving education system that draws them to complete an instructor course. As a Pure Apnea professional you will join a team of instructors who have met the highest performance requirements of all certifying freediving agencies in the world.

The Pure Apnea Instructor Qualification Course (IQC) is open to experienced freedivers who are over 18 years old and who have completed all the student certification levels for either the Adventure or Sport systems. Our instructor candidates feel a strong calling to share this amazing sport and activity with others and change their lives forever.

Our Pure Apnea Instructor Trainers are located in freediving hotspots around the world from where they conduct their training. Travelling to an exotic location to learn from the best is a life changing experience not to be missed. Our Instructor Trainers run courses based on enquiries, so contact Pure Apnea today to find out where and when the next IQC will be held.

Freediving Instructor Courses

Adventure Freediver Instructor
Adventure Freediving Instructor

This is open to advanced recreational freedivers who would like to become freediving professionals and teach others how to freedive safely. On successfully completing the course, instructors are certified to teach Discover Freediving, Adventure Freediver I, Adventure Freediver II and may add on certain speciality courses.

Sport Freediving Instructor
Sport Freediving Instructor

This course is aimed at Master Freedivers who would like to become freediving professionals and teach others how to freedive. On successfully completing the course, instructors are certified to teach the Discover Freediving, Level 1 Freediver and Level 2 Advanced Freediver courses.

Freediving Master Instructor
Sport Master Instructor

The Master Instructor qualification allows instructors to additionally teach the Level 3 Master Freediver course. This is the most challenging qualification amongst all the freediving education systems and organisations as it requires instructor candidates to teach and perform deep freediving skills. This includes a mandatory qualifying freedive between 50m to 60m.

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