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Breathing and breath holds transformed


Breathing and breath hold techniques can be used in life-threatening situations to prevent blackouts or drownings, but they can also be used to help control stress or even as therapy for certain conditions.

Pure Apnea currently offers the unique speciality course titled Surf Apnea. This course provides training for sudden breath holds experienced by water users after a wipeout or when caught inside a set of waves.

Freedivers hold their breath voluntarily. They are mentally and physically prepared for it and have had training to do it. Participants of other water activities sometimes find themselves in situations where they are submerged and are forced to hold their breath. They are not prepared for this situation, do not choose to do it and have had no training for it. This can have life threatening consequences or can mentally scar a person resulting in fear of participating in that water activity in future. The Surf Apnea course is the solution! This training will prepare any water user for sudden, involuntary breath holds which will reduce anxiety and fear of these situations.

This course is perfect for all water sport and activity enthusiasts who often find themselves in the surf zone where wipeouts and unexpected breath holds are experienced. This includes surfers, kitesurfers, windsurfers, kayakers, paddlers, lifeguards, bodyboarders and swimmers. The course is open to all participants who are in good health and over 14 years of age.

All Pure Apnea Instructors are certified to teach this course, but typically this course is run in surf hotspots around the world like South Africa, Australia, Portugal, Indonesia etc. Contact your nearest Pure Apnea instructor to find out if they are offering this course.

Freediving Speciality Courses

Surf Apnea Course
Surf Apnea

This is a breath-hold course specifically designed for surfers and water users who encounter big surf conditions and are forced to hold their breath. This course focuses on breathing and breath-hold techniques, physiology and safety all of which are tailored to surf conditions.

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