Pure Apnea Dynamic Bi-fin WC 2016 Details

Pure Apnea Dynamic Bi-fin WC 2016 Details

Pure Apnea is once again running its very popular Northern Hemisphere vs. Southern Hemisphere Dynamic Bi-fin competition on 25-26 November. Cape Town Freediving will be hosting the Southern competition in Cape Town, South Africa and Free Dive World will run the Northern competition in Brno, Czech Republic.

Over the last two years the athletes have been restricted to a single make and type of bi-fins, the Rob Allen Scorpia fins. While this restriction made the competition fairer and more interesting for all, we have decided to remove it. This decision is due to the adoption by CMAS of the Dynamic Bi-fin discipline. Pure Apnea has always been committed to avoiding duplication of world records across ratifying bodies and therefore has decided to bring the Pure Apnea records inline with those of CMAS. Currently the men’s world record is held by Andrea Vitturini at 226m and the ladies’ is held by Alessia Zecchini at 215m. These are the records that will need to be broken in order to set a new Dynamic Bi-fin world record!

For more information on the Northern competition, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1332659363429389/ and for the Southern competition please visit http://www.capetownfreediving.com/pure-apnea-dynamic-bi-fin-wc-2016-southern-hemisphere/.

Get those bi-fins on and start training!


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