Sport Freediving

Understand and reset the limits of your mind and body


Does the idea of overcoming physical and mental challenges in a calm, aquatic environment appeal to you? If so, then Pure Apnea’s world-class, sport freediving courses will tick all the right boxes.

Our cutting edge sport freediving education system is based on the latest scientific research and freediving techniques. These courses focus on increasing breath hold times (Static Apnea), extending distances underwater in the pool (Dynamic Apnea) and reaching new depths on the dive line (Constant Weight). Learning freediving within the established protocols of competitive freediving disciplines greatly enhances safety and ensures that students are able to safely achieve the highest level of performance. Pure Apnea’s sport instructors are required to reach the highest level of performance of all the international freediving organisations. This ensures that our students are trained by professional sport freedivers who themselves have excelled in the sport of freediving.

Sport freedivers enjoy the challenge of pushing limits, overcoming fear, improving performances and reaching new goals. The exploration is mainly internal and is one of the best ways of really understanding oneself. Unlike other extreme sports, the high experienced while freediving is not as a result of an adrenaline release. Extreme relaxation and psychological ease is achieved using the breathing and relaxation techniques required to extend apnea times and distances. There is also a strong sense of accomplishment and respect amongst sport freedivers when new personal best performances are attained and sometimes even national or world records are set.

Sport freedivers tend to be healthy and fit and often come from an aquatic or extreme sport background. The majority of sport freedivers start the sport in their 20’s and 30’s and enjoy traveling, especially to places where ideal depth freediving conditions can be found. To excel in the sport of freediving a high degree of body awareness is needed. As a result, sport freedivers are generally very health conscious and participate in other activities like yoga, pilates and swimming.

Sport freediving disciplines can be divided into 2 categories: pool and depth. Any relatively warm 25m or 50m pool, deeper than 1.2m is ideal for the pool disciplines. The depth disciplines are practiced wherever deep, calm water can be found. In a few deep freediving hotspots around the world like Egypt, Indonesia, The Philippines, parts of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean ideal ocean conditions can be found. The water is warm, calm, often clear and deep! However sport freedivers who live outside of those areas, make do with flooded quarries, deep pools, diving tanks and even lakes and rivers for their depth training.

Sport Freediver Courses

Level 1 Freediver
Level 1 Freediver

This is a 2-day foundation course that covers the basics of freediving. It includes: breathing, relaxation, physiology, equipment, equalization, freediving technique and safety.

L2 Advanced Freediver
Level 2 Advanced Freediver

This advanced freediving course is designed to equip freedivers with the knowledge and skills to become proficient freedivers. Students will learn to become energy efficient; to prepare their bodies for pressure; to train on land and in the water; to perform advanced equalization techniques; to organize and run training session; and to do it all safely!

L3 Master Freediver
Level 3 Master Freediver

The Master Freediver course is essential for those who want to freedive deep, who want to freedive competitively or who would like to continue progressing towards Instructor level. In this course the emphasis is placed on freediving beyond failure depth, equalizing using the Mouthfill technique, stretching and training techniques that will prepare your body for depth and pressure, learning the physics of deep freediving and deep freediving safety.

Sport Freediving Instructor
Sport Freediving Instructor

This course is aimed at Master Freedivers who would like to become freediving professionals and teach others how to freedive. On successfully completing the course, instructors are certified to teach the Discover Freediving, Level 1 Freediver and Level 2 Advanced Freediver courses.

Freediving Master Instructor
Master Instructor

The Master Instructor qualification allows instructors to additionally teach the Level 3 Master Freediver course. This is the most challenging qualification amongst all the freediving education systems and organizations as it requires instructor candidates to teach and perform deep freediving skills. This includes a mandatory qualifying freedive between 50m to 60m.

Freediving Master Instructor Trainer
Master Instructor Trainer

Having gained invaluable experience teaching the Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 courses, Master Instructors can progress to the Master Instructor Trainer level which will allow them to expand and pass on their teaching knowledge to new Pure Apnea Instructors and Master Instructors.

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