Freediving At Its Purest

Freediving is diving or swimming underwater on a single breath of air. It can be enjoyed as a recreational activity or as a competitive sport. Pure Apnea is the international leader in sports freediving course standards and the only international organisation offering a certified recreational freediving education system.

Pure Apnea is an international freediving organisation that prides itself in being the world leader in freediving education and instructor standards. We aim to inspire, educate and support newcomers to freediving, experienced freedivers, instructors and competitive athletes alike.

Our cutting edge education systems are based on the latest scientific research and freediving techniques. We create, we progress and we set the standards. Our education systems are designed to equip the average man and woman on the street with the knowledge and skills to leave the world of air behind and safely explore the breath-taking world below the waves.

I HIGHLY recommend this course if you’ve ever had an inkling to free dive, spearfish, or just to be able to explore the ocean and its inhabitants unaided as it truly is a remarkable, primordial experience.
Tom Hill

I took my Pure Apnea Level 1 course with John in November 2014. John was the consummate professional and impressed me with his depth of knowledge.
Yix Ng

It was a great experience and I learned a lot with Andrew and Florent in Moalboal, great teaching and spirit ! I look forward to doing the level 3 … meanwhile starting to work my CO2 tables…less fun but I’m hooked 🙂
Guillaume Bihet

For those with a competitive spirit and a drive to be the best at what they love, Pure Apnea provides the infrastructure to organise, run and compete in sanctioned freediving competitions throughout the world. We strive to make competitions accessible and affordable to all those who are passionate about the sport of freediving.

Pure Apnea recognises the efforts of the individuals and organizations that have helped develop freediving into a safe recreational and sporting activity. As such, we are the only organisation in the world that recognises the national and world freediving records of other freediving organisations provided that the disciplines are similar and that the same level of anti-doping control is in place. When we claim a world record, it truly is a WORLD RECORD!

Freediving Judges

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